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Yoga Stress Management.



Hi everyone. I guess you have come to this page because you have stress. You are wondering what Yoga can do to help you. You may not have tried yoga yet since you thought you were not the type of person to do yoga, after all you cannot even touch your toes!

However you have heard alot of stories about people whose lives have been changed by Yoga. So here you are. Yoga combines several stress management exercises together using breathing, physical activity and sometimes visualization to help lower your stress.

Yoga has many health benefits. The one here is the benefit it has for stress. So now you are thinking "Yes I know that, How and what do I do to make it work for me?

How does stress affect health? Well we all know that it can make you tiered and cranky, as well as lower your immune system making it easier to get sick. It also does a lot more then that to you, we have a page here that talked about stress and health for those wanting more info.


It is never to late to begin Yoga stress management


It does not matter if you are 17 years old or 71 years old. Yoga is right for you. How can I make a statement like that? After all I do not even know you. I can make that statement, because of the very nature of yoga practice. Yoga consists of non-impact, slow and controlled movement and focusing on ones personal journey more then the destination.

What does that mean, well it means everyone starts somewhere and if you cannot touch your toes, do not worry. Over an 8 week yoga program the average flexibility and strength gains are anywhere from 15% - 35%, or more depending on the individual. SO you will touch your toes one day, but that does not matter as long as you reach towards them.

For an interesting fact, I know one Yogi who was only achieved his FIRST headstand at the age of 78.

So the first point in stress reduction:

Never mind about the goal, enjoy the journey. After all you should not have stress for being unable to achieve a yoga pose, the purpose of the pose it to relieve your stress. Also, unlike other activities Yoga is NOT a competition. Do what you can and enjoy it. You will find when you treat it like a journey, there will be many people to help you along the way.

Next thing you need to do is, check what you know about yoga at the door. If you are new, walk into the class like you have no idea what to expect. Do not let what you think hold you back... such as I need to be flexible to do yoga... Yoga can give you flexibility, never worry about that.


Now get out there and take a beginner yoga class

There are many yoga styles out there, try a few different ones and see which one you click in with. Also what teacher you identify with. As a short recommendation Hatha is more gentle and a good place to start with Vinyasa being more athletic and Iyengar being more focused in proper form. Personally we here at Mind and Body do not recommend HOT yoga, you can see our page as to why.


Don't Worry About If You're Doing It 'Right'. The important thing is just to do it.



Your body is your best friend

A few other things you should be aware of when doing Yoga Stress Management are that you really need to listen to your body and follow its advice. In fact just the process of doing that will lower your stress somewhat. When trying the yoga poses continue to where you feel challenged but not to the point where something does not feel good. Your body will warn you if you are about to get hurt, just listen to your body. Remember your best friend is your body... we exist so much on our minds we forget to listen to our best friend, this is a chance to bring yourself back together. That also will help lower your stress.

Remember it is not your achievements in yoga that will lower your stress, it is the smaller things, the ones we do not readily notice such as a shift in attention, increase in our physical health (which is only noticed over time) and the atmosphere and environment you are in, comfortable studio with many nice people who are interested in the same things as you.


Concentrate on Your Breath

Yoga instructors will tell you when to inhale and exhale as you move through the poses. Concentrating on your breath is a key to yoga stress management, it helps you to bring yourself into the present moment as you focus on your breath and to let go of the things that are causing you stress, since those things become farther away as they are pushed to the pack of your mind as your attention is focused on other things. One key of Yoga Stress Management is to bring the different parts of your body together... mind, body and spirit.

  • Play Dead

Every yoga class ends with corpse pose, a pose designed for deep relaxation. Simply lie on your back with your arms at your side palms facing up and your eyes closed, breathing deeply. See how easy that was-- you've just learned a yoga pose already.





There are many ways on how to deal with stress, Yoga Stress Management is our method of choice. However the key is not just read about but to do it as well. To that end please feel free to explore our site, you will find Yoga exercises as well as Meditation exercises to help get you started. You fill also find information about Yoga retreats and travel, the perfect way to release your stress.

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