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Yoga poses tips to improve your asanas .




Yoga postures are designed to cleanse, tone and purify the body and also the mind, which in turn affects your ability to practice pranayama and meditation effectively.


In addition of course your yoga poses also provide many other health benefits like:

  • Improved flexibility, stamina, strength and balance.
  • Better functioning of your nervous and endocrine systems and internal organ.
  • Enhanced quality of your breathing.




Tips to follow when practicing yoga poses:

  1. Choose poses that seem appropriate to your mood and energy level.
  2. Begin with gentler poses and work up to stronger ones.
  3. Breathe evenly through the nose throughout the postures.
  4. Never rush into and out of a pose.
  5. Never strain in a pose - if it hurts, stop.
  6. Don't habitually practice in front of a mirror. Focus on how the pose feels, not what it looks like.
  7. The postures should be both steady and soft.

These yoga poses tips will help you to put your training in perspective. They look like common sense and they may be, but even with myself I find myself starting with the harder poses and pushing myself, even when that is not what yoga is about. So tell the truth, do you follows these tips each day or do you often find yourself on the opposite side of them.


Now when I train I put these tips right in front of my mind. I read them through one time before each practice session so I remember the path I will take with my asanas, it makes a huge difference and I also enjoy my practice more, I feel more joy at the end, not only the sense of accomplishment.


Trust me, Joy is Better.




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