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For those of you interested in who is writing all this stuff and putting this web site together... well look no further.

I am 35 years old with a background in Martial arts and meditation. I started my martial arts training when I was 13 with Tai Chi (this is also where I started my meditation training). After 5 years of this I moved to a new city and changed to training White Tiger style of kung fu. This I trained for about 5 years (3 of which I was teaching it full time). After this I started training North American Kenpo Karate under Mater Larry Tatum. I trained Kenpo for 7 years and taught it for 3.

Some of you will notice that the above does not bring me to 35 years of age, you are right. While training White Tiger in 1990 I suffered a sever knee injury and major surgery to get it fixed, that put me out for about 1 1/2 years till I was able to train again (although I did practice what I could, basically techniques that did not require kicking). Later in 2005 I suffered another very bad knee injury on the same knee (my kneecap ended up at the back of my leg, not the front... really not fun).

Following the 2nd injury my doctor said I would be lucky to get 70% use back in my knee. He also said I would never train martial arts again. Maybe it was all the martial arts training in my life but I refused to accept that and started training yoga together with my physiotherapy for the last couple years (safer for my knee). Because of my training (and the regular meditations that kept me focused and calm as well as helping to take away negative thoughts) my left knee is as strong as my right (actually in the last test I had at the hospital, it is stronger), and I have full use (but it is not 100%, still feels not as stable sometimes, but I would say 97% like before the injuries).

The reason I am giving you this background on me is so you can understand where I am coming from. Also what I am able to do in yoga and what yoga has done for me... in other words If I can do it then so can you...and If it worked to help me, then it can do the same for you.

I hope that my knowledge and also these personal experiences can help you as well. For any questions not answered in my site please use the contact page to ask me directly and I will address them in coming articles (as well as a personal response to you, It may take awhile but I will get back to you).

I am here to tell you that Health & Fitness is well within your grasp. This is a great step towards that goal.

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