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Having a successful website is one way to become free.


Building a successful website is like any other businesses, there are those who succeed and others who fail. To achieve success you must learn from successful people. That is why I dedicate this page to SBI. Because, SBI, or Site Build It, has helped me this website very successful and it can do the same for you. (Just check my page rank with Alexa, can see it on the left column on the homepage).


For us here at Mind and Body Yoga, we are very thankful to Ken and his company Sitesell. Our website before never had any real traffic and was just a page people who knew us visited. Now because of Sitesell this new website is only a little over 1 year old and attracts about 200 people per day. Most from very good rankings with google. If it was not for Sitesell, we could never have done it on our own. (at least not without investing 10 times the amount of effort and time).


You get more than just a "site builder." You also don't need to worry about looking for separate hosting, paying for a separate keyword research tool, handling site submissions, integrating auto responders, etc., etc. See the full list of SiteBuildIt features here.

There is nothing better then working from home. Watch this video to see if you relate.


What is Site Build It?

SiteBuildIt is a full service web hosting and optimizing company. They give you excellent web hosting service as well as training in how to optimize your website (so you to not need to pay someone else to do it) and the tools you need to help you develope ALOT of free web traffic (we are referring to free traffic from google and the other main search engines here, NOT some web traffic generating scam you see advertised everywhere on the net).

How can SBI help you to be successful?

SBI has a great system and a great user manual to direct your way to a successful website. It starts step by step, and is easy to understand if you follow the video action guide or action guide book. This way, you save your precious time and can make a great structure for successful internet marketing in the long run.

Follow SBI action guide for the steady growth of your business website.

SBI has a site forum, which is a nice community that wants to help, along with a SBI supporting team that responds quickly every time you have a problems.

SBI has made everything easy for you. You do not need to know html, dream weaver or any other web creation program. You can just write your content, and create it with block by block.

You will get to know a very efficient way to promote your site, which means that you pay less and get huge traffic in the long run.


How to Start?

Have a look at this Video to get to know about SBI and SBI community and find out how you can get started with SBI.

And if you want to have a site like mine and enjoy the success that Sitesell has given me then click here.



There is much more information about SBI than what I have been able to cover here. Click the logo to read more.SiteSell Site Optimuzation



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