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Stress and health is a negative correlation.

Stress and HealthStress can cause a number of health problems and concerns, both Yoga and meditation can help you with both solving these problems and preventing them.

On the physical side of things stress can cause a wide array of problems such as:

Cardiovascular problems

Immune related disorders

Digestive Problems and disorders

High blood pressure

Stress can also be a contributing factor in Diabetes. For more information about Diabetes you can visit my friends site about Diabetes and other related health issues.

On the psychological side of things it can also cause an assortment of problems such as:



Predisposition to addictions

difficulty in focusing

reduced memory

anxiety disorders

These are just some of the problems that stress can cause. So what do we do about this? how can we remove stress from our life? Well there is no way I know of to remove stress (if you know of a way please use the contact page and let me know!) but we can deal with it and prevent the problems that it can cause.

In additions to expanding on the problems above this section of the site will also talk about the following things:

  1. How do we deal with stress
  2. Yoga stress management
  3. Deep Muscle Relaxation exercise
  4. Relieving stress by exercise
  5. Hypnosis for stress and anxiety
  6. Aroma therapy for stress relief
  7. Stress and body fat


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As everyone knows stress is not good for you and if we do not deal with it, many problems will come into our lives. The good news is that Meditations and Yoga exercises can help lower your stress and give you a clear mind, Also do not forget about good time management to keep the stress down. Give it a try today and you will be happy you did. Also you can check out a friend of mine's site about self improvement.

Also a couple another things that can help stress are aromatherapy and taking a Yoga Vacation.


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