Spiritual Wellness: The Conversation of Life

by ~R. Holt~

Our state of spiritual wellness is determined by "The Conversation of Life" that we speak into our being in this world.

The true measure of our spiritual wellness ('or wholeness') may be measured by how closely our actions coincide with our feelings and beliefs. When the mind-body state is not in harmony, we are given to live in a state of strife and conflict. Given that we are what we think (or believe), then the sum of our efforts in life is but a reflection of the Conversation of Life we speak into the reality of being.

You are the ONLY ONE who may create your reality. Why create conflict and strife when by simply allowing yourself to be guided by the stream of wellness that defines all creation, you may be free to be all that you were created to be...??

The Conversation of Life is a learned behavior. When we were born, we did not know hate, or fear, or jealousy, or envy, or doubt, or greed, or any of the ways of the wanting or doubting heart. But, by the time we had completed the first decade of our lives, most of us not only knew of these feelings, but we knew how to speak of them into our lives and the lives of those around us by way of our own Conversation of Life.

The foundations of the Conversation of Life are born out of trust (LOVE), .....or out of doubt (FEAR).

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