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Sex and yoga, is there a connection?


sex and yogaYoga can give you greater flexibility, better muscle tone, can help you to release stress, and set you on a path to explore your spirituality. But can it really give you better sex? Yes it can. Yoga offers many benefits that can help you in your love life. It could be by improving your confidence, physical fitness and also calming the mind. When we are relaxed and focused then pleasure takes on a whole new meaning.


Sex and yoga are both part of a healthy and happy life. Knowing this gives you another great reason to roll out the mat. Here are the major ways that yoga can help you in this area:, Inc
  1. Sensuality. Sex and Yoga both benefit. from an awareness of your body and how it feels from one moment to the next. Learning to feel and adjust to the smallest sensations during yoga practice teaches you to savor all the sensation in your body. This awareness is carried over into your daily life and yes into the bedroom too. This awareness helps with the focus towards your body, but also takes the focus away from your mind and the things your worry about. Free from your stresses you can completely enjoy everything happening between the sheets.
  2. Increased Confidence. A recent study shows that people who practice yoga gain less weight as they age than people who do not do yoga at all. And while feeling more fit is an undeniable turn-on, with a more fit body we also become more confident, and with more confidence we are more able to approach and attract members of the opposite sex (and you need that for the whole thing to take place).
  3. More Energy. Raise your hand if you have ever felt the stirrings of arousal but were so tired you opted for bed instead (I know my hand went up on this question, when I realized the connection between sex and yoga it took me to a whole new level in both areas). A recent survey by the National Sleep Foundation, showed that one third of women say being to tiered makes them feel like not having sex. A 2004 clinical study at Harvard Medical School showed that yoga greatly improved sleep quality for chronic insomniacs. It is a simple exercise to connect the dots: practice yoga, sleep better, have more sex. (sex and yoga have another match)
  4. Yoga improves Intimacy. By becoming more in touch with ourselves physically (you know what I mean) we become more in touch with ourselves emotionally and mentally, this is also carried over onto our lives and into the bedroom as well, we become more connected and sensitive to our partners, and that 9 times out of 10 gets reciprocated..
  5. Better Orgasms are another nice benefit. On a physical level, many yoga poses increase blood flow to the pelvis. In our world of work and stress, the muscles that run through the pelvis are chronically constricted. There are many yoga poses which strengthen the muscles that play an integral role in orgasm. Here is where sex and yoga are a very nice match.


A yoga practice to get you in the frame of mind.

This is an at home practice for yourself, it is meant to get you give you strength and flexibility and get you more in tune with your body and mind. It is a great way to bring the concepts of sex and yoga together.

First thing is to practice in the nude. Nothing will make you feel more at home in your body than that... it can be distracting at first but you will defiantly start to really enjoy it and will build your confidence in yourself to appear that way. If you start to get bored then maybe consider letting your partner watch the yoga practice (this can lead to a very direct joining of sex and yoga), this can be very good if your partner seems to be loosing interest in sex (and we all do, this is a natural part of any relationship, sex always decreases over time, this can help you bring it back).

The first thing you can do that will help you get warmed up is to go though the Sun Salutation.

Over the next month I will be adding many more free yoga poses to the site and I will link to specific ones there that directly relate to this topic.



In Conclusion

At this time I would like to recomend a friends site, she has a site about fertility, infertility and pregnancy. After all even though sex on its own is fantastic, the feeling of being a parent is indescribable... As I am now a new father, I can tell you it really is something that changes your life. (for the better).

As far as sexual problems go, a friend of mine has developed a very good resource on Diabetes and impotence. I feel it is a good reference because Yoga can also help with diabetes, regular exercise has been shown to improve the health of those with diabetes. Visit his site for more information about the problem.

I will also be adding a section of partner yoga poses you can do with someone special. This will be coming in a few months, have so many other pages and poses to get updated first, but it is in the books. Make sure to Sign up for our Newsletter and our RSS feed (under the menu to the left), to be informed when this section is updated.




Yoga Book

This book is an excellent resource for the correct muscle and bone alignment for all your yoga poses.