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Balance your root chakra

The root chakra is linked to your most basic survival needs. It is the base of the kundalini energy which starts at your root and rises to your crown chakra. If reached, it can bring you to eternal bliss, known as the state of samadhi. This chakra is closely linked with your physical, emotional and security needs, which includes food, shelter and sleep.


There are ways to balance this chakra and make you feel happy and confident with yourself, your body and your sexuality.



Yoga Postures

Warrior I- the warrior poses keep you grounded and connected to the earth. They build up strength through your feet and legs.

warrior I

Mountain Pose- keeps you grounded, physically and mentally. It is a very basic pose and is used as a foundation to other yoga sequences, like the sun salutations, which are are series of postures where every movement is linked together with breath. Practicing sun salutations on a regular basis can balance all your seven chakras.



Massaging your feet

A foot massage is a very relaxing way to balance this chakra, as well as your other chakras. There are secondary chakras on the arches of your feet that connect to your root chakra. This links the earth's energy to your own energy through your feet. Walking bare foot on natural ground like the grass or sand can stimulate your foot chakras.

Massaging your feet is very beneficial to increase blood circulation throughout your body. According to reflexology there are points on your feet that are linked to every part of your body. When you press or massage certain parts on your feet, you are then stimulating that organ on your body as well.



Using your sense of smell

Your sense of smell is connected to your root chakra. It is the first of the five senses that babies become aware of. It makes sense, as babies need to smell their mother's milk. When a baby is searching for the nipple, the term is called "rooting".

By using aromatic essential oils and scents, you can balance this chakra. Adding a few drops of lavender, or rosemary to your bath can help heighten your experience.

Your sense of smell is closely related to your taste buds. Notice when you enjoy the smell of fresh baked cookies out of the oven. Having your sense of smell and taste combined into one can increase your pleasure. You can nourish and stimulate this chakra by enjoying and savouring the smells of your food as you indulge. Smelling fresh flowers can also stimulate this chakra, so be sure to buy yourself some roses or hyacinths and enjoy the fragrance.


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