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Mindfulness from Jon Kabat-Zinn


This video is a great seminar by Mr Kabat-Zinn that he did at Google. He is a fantastic speaker and this video has alot of good information for you. It is alittle long but you will definatly find it worth the watch.

Stay tuned throughout 2011 for much more content and revisions to this site. I look forward to your feedback about everything.


Here is the video:





The Wandering Yogi's Stress Management Masterclass. This program compliments and expands on the meditation techniques I will show you on my site.

It shows you how to tackle the deep structural problems that cause stress in your working life. As well as introducing you to relaxation techniques, its unique approach shows you how to win control of your job and career, build positive relationships with powerful people and co-workers and thrive under the intense pressure of a successful career.

It will also include a hypnosis MP3 created by Mr. Knight, who in addition to owning this site is also a Master Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist. .




There are a number of benefits to meditation. Meditation allows us access to our subconscious minds and that is the most powerful tool we have to make changes in our lives. It also gives are mind a rest while it is still alert, the process of this over a long period of time trains the mind to deal with things that cause stress and still be able to relax itself (because the mind comes to the conclusion that it is indeed possible to be relaxed while thinking of stressful events).


I hope you find this useful and I will be spending more time developing the Mind side of this site, with a background of 16 years studying Psychology and also being a certified hypnotherapist, I feel it is time to share more of that knowledge here on my site.



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