Meditation CD Review

by George

I have just finished listening to a meditation CD that was sent to me by one of our readers.

You can find his CD at

The music in the CD is very relaxing and I found it helpful in my meditation. The instrumental only tracks are very good and relaxing without being in anyway distracting, perfect for helping with relaxing in meditation.

The voice over on a few of the tracts I felt did not match the feel of the music very well and I thought of it as distracting and taking away from the overall effect. However I also gave the CD to a friend of mine to get her opinion and she said she felt the voice over added to the effect.

For just a meditation aid, the instrumental tracts I would highly recommend. Also if you prefer guided meditation and are new to meditation then the voiced over tracts may be of use to you.

All in all it is a good CD. I would recommend it to beginners more then people already practicing meditation (due to the voice overs), but the instrumental tracts are great for everyone.

If you do decide to check the CD out please come back and write your review and comments on this article.

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