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Hay there everyone. I am very happy to announce that I will start providing Hyonosis Instruction by offering several hypnosis training programs for you starting this year (2011).


As many of you know in addition to loving yoga and creating this site I am also a certified Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist (the MIND in mind and body yoga). Now I will be able to help you with your journey in this area if you should choose to be apart of it.


There is 3 major areas of Hypnosis I will be offering courses in. They are as follows;

1. An online How to Hypnotize course (can do from your own home and will include 9 units, videos, MP3s as well as LIVE training in a virtual classroom once per week. At the end you will be able to hypnotize anyone, anywhere and anytime)


2. Self Hypnosis (at the moment this will only be a live course in person.. the reason for that is that I will teach you self hypnosis while you are IN hypnosis to make it a very powerful tool for you)


3. A 10 day resident training in Hypnosis and hypnotherapy. (This is for people who are interested in getting into hypnosis for a career. It is a fully certified course and in the end you are certified in several ways... (Self hypnosis teacher, Master Hypnotist, 5 path Hypnotherapist and full membership and certification in the National Guild of Hypnosis which is the largest and most respected Hypnosis regulatory organization in the world). We will be conducting these courses 2-3 times a year with the first scheduled for October 2011.


To get more information about our Training programs please visit my other site at;



You will find all the training programs listed there as well as Hypnosis products and programs available on CD, DVD or MP3. There will also be online booking available in the 2nd half of 2011 for people who would like to have hypnosis and Hypnotherapy with me.


Look forward to hearing from you and maybe seeing you at our live training.







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