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Hindu Meditation

Hindu meditation techniques include controlled breathing, mantra-reciting and visualization of deities, and a number of mind-expanding exercises, such as those to bring about unusual powers (siddhis); to develop one-pointed concentration; and to bring about the state of selfless contemplation known as samādhi

The body follows the mind. If your mind is focused and clear then so is the body, when the mind is strong we are strong. When the mind is weak or tiered then the body also follows and becomes the same way.

Training of the mind is just as important if not more important than that of the body. Training of the mind is part of what Hindu meditation is about. The rest is the brining of us closer to God and what we understand as divinity.


I have added the first of my Hindu meditations here for you to try. I will be meeting with some Brahmin priests here in Thailand and try to learn more to share with you in the near future.




Above we talk about Samadhi. Some people may wonder what Samadhi is. It is described in different ways within Hinduism, one definition is that, it is a state of being aware of your Existence without thinking,or being in an altered state of consciousness that is characterized by bliss (ananda) and joy (sukha). Of course these states we identify with being closer to God, Since the goal of all religions is to come to a place of peace and happiness.

To put it simply, this is the state that people who practice Hinduism seek to achieve. They use meditation as a tool to help them in their journey to achieve this state.




This page is interesting for me. My background is Christian... however I try to live by the rule that "do not judge least you be judged". One more of my fellow Christians need to remember I think.

We all look to God, it does not matter the name, the basics of all religions are the same... Love each other, Love god, Do good. I have lived in many countries and I will tell you that my name is pronounced very different in most other countries (they just cannot say it right), if that is true with my name, in the same time around the world, then it is conceivable that the name for god would be different as well especially over thousands of years in a world that was not as small as ours is today.

What I am trying to say here is, even though you might be Christian, and these are Hindu meditations, that is not a reason not to do them, and you can change the meditation to fit your belief if necessary. Follow your heart and do not judge. Do not be afraid to try, we are children after all... God will understand and will see our motives.

I wish you the best and remember when looking for some piece you only need to look inside yourself.




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