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A Hindu Meditation exercise for you to try. .



This exercise is a modern form of an old Hindu exercise. Of course thousands of years ago they were not using the ABCs for this one, but for us who do not know the sanskrit alphabet it works fine.

The key in this meditation is to focus on the emptiness, Since that is the absence of Maya (the illusion that is this world we live in)... The problem with beginners is how do you focus on nothing, you always need something (your breath, an image or a sound). With this we give you something, a couple letters, by using them as a frame of reference you can learn to focus on nothing (in this case the space between the letters). After some practice you will no longer need the letters as a frame of reference and you will simply be able to enter meditation with a complete focus on nothing.

The Method

1. Begin the Hindu meditation exercise with your eyes closed and visualizing the letter A. See the letter in your mind. Try to make the image of it as clear as possible, right in front of your field of vision, give detail, texture, shadow to it.. Keep it in your vision for a moment.


2. Now, visualize just to the right of the letter A, to the next letter, B. Just like the previous example, visualize it with as much detail as you can. Make it as real as possible, not only visually but also imagine the smell, is it made of rock? how would it smell (make it a wet rock if that helps). What is the texture of it, how would it feel to touch. Keep complete image and feel of it in your mind for a moment as solidly as you can.


3. Now for the main part of this meditation. Shift back into the space between the two letters, Do not put anything in it, do not imagine anything for it. Just look at it, let it slowly fill your vision, just be in it, let it surround you and envelope you.


4. Once there the following Hindu mantra. This is the most easy one there is just say the sound of “Ahh”. The sound should go for as long as your are able. Try for at least 10 seconds. Focus on the sound. Feel the sound filling the empty space that you are in from the previous step. If your thoughts move somewhere else, gently but firmly, bring your focus back to the empty space between the letters.


4. Make the sound three times, while you’re in the space between the two letters.


5. Now put your focus back on the letter B. See it as perfectly with all your senses as above. Then visualize the next letter, C, just to the right of the letter B. See it and feel it as much as the last two letters (even with more detail if you can).


6. Shift back into the space between the two letters, B and C, and do the mantra. Again focus on the empty space and allow the sound to fill it. The reason we change letters is to give your mind more practice at visualizing something real, by making the next letter, it must create it, not just remember it from the last example. Also the space will be slightly different, make a mental note of what was same and different about the spaces, and try to float to the place that was the same within the empty space to do the mantra.



The goal with this hindu meditation exercise is that once the alphabet is done, there is a sense of something that was perfectly the same between all the spaces, that would be the nothing you are looking for. The more you do this exercise the easier it will be to find that, until you will be able to find it without the imagery.

Also do not be worried if you do not have the time to do the whole alphabet or that you do not want to, Pick only the first 3 letters, then the next time the next 3 or whatever you have the time and energy for. In addition to the above goal the other one that is even more important is to do it regularly... So fit in into your schedule how you need to.


This should give you a start on a simple Hindu meditation exercise, with a modern twist. I will be adding many more meditations so stay tune through our RSS feed to the left (under the menu).

For some general information about hindu meditation you can see an information page I have made about it.

I hope you will enjoy this exercise and that it will make a positive change in your life...




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