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These free yoga positions are a good place for you to start.


Yoga Pose

In this section I will be giving you several basic yoga positions that you can use to start your yoga training.

The book pictured just to the left is an excellent resource for you as well, it will give you a very clear understanding of the bone and muscle alignment in each pose. I highly recommend checking it out. I am really glad that I got it. It helped me alot in my training.

I would like to thank Kru Nui (who you can see in the Sun Salutation page of this section) For taking some time to let me photograph her for this site. She is a fantastic yoga teacher and a very good friend.

If any of you are in Thailand and would like yoga lessons from Nui you can feel free to contact her on my contact page, Just fill the form and I will pass on the information.

She gives both Private and Group classes at very good rates. When she has the time, right now she is teaching 6 classes a day 7 days a week.


Now the first thing is the Sun Salutation


The Benefits of Sun Salutation.

  1. It warms up the body and muscles. This is very important because without a proper warm up you risk injury.
  2. It helps to focus the mind and brings you mind to the poses you are doing as you go through, then with this focus it helps you benefit more from the poses you will do after.
  3. It raises your heart rate just enough to put you in the fat burning zone. This will help you loose the fat you want to loose (however remember that even though you are in the zone you still need to burn the calories, if weight loss is the goal I would suggest 30-45 times going through the sun salutation, not just the 3-5 times for a warm up)

To learn the Sun Salutation go to my Sun Salutation Page. There are pictures and descriptions of each pose in order.


I also have recently added a page for free yoga exercises that can help with weight loss. On that page I talk about how yoga can be used for weight loss and also yoga routines to help with your training as well. Have a look and I have also recently added a form at the bottom of that page for people who would like to share their yoga routines with our readers.




Other basic yoga poses for you to add to your practice.


1. Mountain Pose: A pose that is really taken for granted but that has alot to offer.

2. Eagle Pose: A good way to work on Balance while strengthening the knees and stretching the shoulders.

3. Plow Pose: This pose is good for Calming and Focusing the mind. It also improves the flexibility in the spine.

4. Yoga Mudra: This pose with give you a very good stretch in your back and shoulders. Good for relieving tension.

5. Bow Pose: This pose is very good for stretching the Abs and gaining flexibility in the back

6. Downward Dog: This pose is good for beginners to stretch the lower legs and lengthen the spine.

7. Child's Pose: Child's Pose is a resting pose. It is often used as a counter pose after performing a back bend.

8. Pyramid Pose: Is a good pose to stretch the back of the legs and improve your balance.

9. Bridge Pose: Is a back bend that helps open the chest and strengthen the back.

10. Shoulderstand: A great posture for relieving stress and claming the mind.

11. Warrior 1 Pose: A pose that is good for strengthening the legs and stretching the arms and shoulders.

12. Tree Pose: A one legged pose that is great to build leg strength, balance and flexibility in the hips and knees.


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Also should you experience any muscle soreness, we have a page here that can help.



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