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2011 GOAL $500

We are at 21% of our goal.

March 2011


As of March 2011 we have $105 towards our goal. We still need your support and help to keep this site up.

To everyone who has helped support Mind and Body Yoga, we extend our heartfelt thanks.

We still have a long way to go... Please help us get there.

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Google Ads: $105


We need your help, even a small donation is appreciated.


Hello Everyone,

My name is George Knight. This is my site I am making this a personal message from me.


This website needs your help... I have been getting about 400 people a day on the site but it still is coming out of my pocket and not even covering costs.


The site is almost 5 years old and I have lost about $1,500 total on keeping it up. Yearly costs are about $500 for hosting, Newsletter services, SEO and image costs (sometimes cost for model if we do the images, or the cost for purchasing royalty free images for the site... we do not believe in stealing other peoples work).


So I ask you to please do one of two things to help this site:


1) Click some Google ads while you are looking around, if everyone clicked a couple that visited here the costs would be more then covered.


2) make a small donation, even a dollar or 2 can help alot.... if just everyone that visited the site in ONE day did that the cost would be covered for a year.


I want to keep this site up for everyone and keep it free for everyone, but I need you help to do that... clicking Google ads does not cost you anything... if you could help from that it would be appreciated.


Thank you



PS. Remember If you do not want to donate, please at least click a few google ads so we can keep the site up, Free and growing.









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Again thank you Ken and all the best to you and your family.