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Deep Centre Breathing


deep center breathing

This exercise is from my studies in Applied Sport Psychology. It is very easy and does not take alot of time. It has many benefits and applications such as the following.


1. Combating mild levels of anxiety.

2. Controlling of ones temper (some people do need some help in that area)

3. Give a break. Because of the attention required for this exercise it becomes a thought stopping process.




Here are the steps for practicing this technique;

  1. Center yourself by consciously relaxing the neck (rolling one's head can help with this)
  2. Next breath low down into the stomach area (this is not the time to suck in the stomach but to let it out). When breath the chest should have very little movement and the stomach should have alot.
  3. It is important that during he exhale you take your time... draw it out. one way to do this is to whisper r-e-l-a-x during the exhale (very softly).
  4. The keys to this exercise is a focus on the relaxation of the neck and shoulders as well as the conscious awareness of each breath and its proper form. Because the conscious mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time this also becomes a thought stopping exercise giving you a break from the stress or situation that is causing the negative feelings.


Deep centre breathing is the perfect way to reduce negative feelings throughout the day when you do not have the time for a full meditation or a hypnothapist handy. :)


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