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What is body cleansing and why do we need it?




Hi everyone,

To sum up this question I can say that we live in a very toxic world, from the air we breath to the food we eat and everything else we are exposed to in our environment. What can we do? We can cleanse our bodies. We can use our diet (what we are eating not how much) and also supplements and other products to help our bodies release and expel the harmful toxins and organisms that may be taking up residence in our bodies

This section is going to cover the importance of cleansing. Yoga is about health and taking care of and bring are of your own body. One thing people become aware of after training for awhile is the sensations inside themselves, such as being more aware of fatigue and heavy feeling in your body.

One reason for this is all the toxins that have built up over the years. For me I was always skeptical about cleansing programs. But after doing a lot of research I realized that the problems are very real and that cleansing your body is very very important.

This section I will cover several things:

I will describe my experience with body cleansing. (the image of the bottle just above is the product that I used)


Below I will explain what takes place during the cleanse (steps)

1. Here you will find the steps for the colon cleanse using the Oxy-powder program.

2. You should also have a look at our page on body cleansing diets.




So why do we need to cleanse our bodies?

It's a fact, an unhealthy digestive system impacted with mucus, toxins, and impacted waste can trigger a host of health issues such as:

  1. Body Odor
  2. Poor Appetite
  3. Weight problems
  4. Foul Breath
  5. Backaches
  6. Lack of energy
  7. Bloating
  8. Mood swings
  9. Occasional Constipation
  10. Weak immune system (this one is the biggest, Leaves you wide open to get sick in a number of different ways)

All the above problems can be helped by a good body cleansing program. I spend about 3 months researching many different options as well as products and come up with what I believe to be the best one. The next page will detail the product and my experiences with it.




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