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Are you interested in complete and total personal health. If you are, then you know that accurate, complete and up to date information is the most important way to achive your goals. The Wandering Yogi was made just for you, to give you the information you need. Sign up here to get that information.


Also as a special gift recieve a FREE 45 page E-Book with your subscription!

FREE Yoga Book





With this Yoga Zine we will provide you with information about many topics:

1) Free Meditation Techniques

2) Advice on different Yoga Postures

3) Notification of Yoga and Meditation tours that will be coming up in the future (as well as special discounts to members of the E-Zine to say thank you for being a part of our community.

4) Articals submited by our readers (with credit and links back to there sites for further information).

5) Product, Book and DVD reviews

6) Monthly Nutrition Articals

7) Core strength training articals (an absolute nessesety if you want to achive maximum flexability).

8) Sport Psychology articals (my plan for graduate school is Sport psychology for my MA degree and Health Psychology for my PhD).

9) and much much more.


As well you will get access to all Back issues of this yoga and meditation E-Zine as well so you will not miss anything.


As you can see you will get alot of information all for free. Why do I do this? Well it is simple, it helps me to strive to get more knowlege to share with you, its good karma. Also I hope that if you really get alot of my site, you may visit my karma page and make a small donation.



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