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Is Yoga and Meditation right for me?


Yoga ClassYoga and meditation are right and necessary for everyone. Nothing is more important than your health, without it nothing else matters. The training can give you a strong, flexible body with a calm and stress free mind from regular Meditations. This will go a very long way to giving you good health and longevity.


Welcome to the new and improved site, some of you will notice the new design, also the face that updates are now coming more regularly, the last year has been a very busy one with training and also becoming a certified Hypnotist. There will be alot of very cool things happening in 2011 and I look forward to sharing them with you in this site (such as free MP3's for relaxation, Yoga and stress reduction tours to South east Asia, Hypnosis seminars, New pages and articles weekly...and much more). So remember to bookmark us and more importantly sign up for our RSS feed in the menu to the left, that way you can see everything as it happens!


My name is George Knight. I have developed this site because I wanted a place on the net where you (yes YOU, the person reading this page) could come and get all the information that you need. The answers the questions of how do I get started and Where can I go from here (for the non-beginners in my audience) can be found on the pages of this site .



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Some other topics I will cover in this site and the newsletter are:

1. Nutrition

2. Cleansing

3. Core strength training

4. Weight loss

5. How to achieve flexibility safely and quickly

6. The styles available and techniques available for yoga as well as meditation

7. The relationship they have with stress reduction.

8. How stress effects our health.

9. How yoga and meditation work together to give you a higher level to your practice.

10. Hypnosis and self hypnosis and what it can do for your yoga practice and for your life.

11. We also will have a monthly ezine to give you regular updates and extra information.


I am always here to help and answer questions.

For any questions not answered in my site please use the contact page to ask me directly and I will address them in coming articles (as well as a personal response to you, It may take awhile but I will get back to you).

I am here to tell you that Health & Fitness is well within your grasp. This is a great step towards this goal.

For more information on me and a short biography follow this link. (If you are interested)



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Basic meditation exercises
Basic meditation exercises are the perfect place to start lowering your stress and creating a clear and calm mind.

A Yoga and Meditation Ezine for everyone
This yoga and meditation ezine will give you all the information you could need. We will feature the latest news and research as well as info on yoga tours and advice and techniques on yoga postures and meditations.

Meditation Information
Here you will find meditation information to show you what meditation is and what can it do. With this information can find the RIGHT meditation style or technique for you.

Yoga and Meditation Blog for all the updates and news you could want
The yoga and meditation blog is you resource to stay up to date with what is happening with our site and what is going on in the world of Yoga and Meditation

Yoga health benefits
Yoga health benefits come from every direction, from physical fitness to a calm mind. Come and find out how yoga can help you lead a more productive and enjoyable life.

All yoga styles described here.
There are many Yoga styles. From yoga that rely on physical postures to yoga of the mind. This section will explain and describe all the different types of yoga there are out there.

Yoga breathing also called Pranayama.Techniques and information
Yoga breathing or Pranayama is one of the more important parts of yoga. It is what brings all the parts of your yoga training together. This page will give you what you need to get started.

Yoga for weight loss. Is it really helpful?
How effective is yoga for weight loss? Here I will discuss that, as well as the weight loss program that I designed which helped me loose 6kg or 12 lbs in 7 weeks.

Karma Yoga, the place to free your Karma
Karma Yoga is a good place to work on developing peace in your soul and happiness by helping those in need

Yoga and Meditation Travel and Tours.
Yoga and meditation travel is where you can relax and find peace and joy, a place you can recharge you batteries and treat yourself. Because of this we are going to be offering several different Yoga and meditation tours in South east Asia for you to come and enjoy a great holiday with us. The prices will be good and you will have us to take care of you during your stay here.

Free Yoga Positions to get you started with your training
Here are some free yoga positions, as well as the Sun Salutation. This is a perfect way for you to start learning yoga. After all every yoga class I have been to starts with a variation of the Sun Salutation.

Why body cleansing is so important?
Body cleansing is very important for your health. We live in a very toxic world and everyday we are exposed to a number of toxins that affect our health. We need a way to cleanse are bodys to maintain optimum Health.

Sex and Yoga... How can yoga give you the love life you desire.
Sex and yoga is about what yoga can do to help give you the lovelife you desire. There are some poses that do work well in the bedroom, but this page is here to show you how yoga can help you overall in you sexlife

A Successful website can be your key to freedom!
A successful website is within your grasp, read my page to see how I did it.

Yoga Diet, a part of the path to complete health and peace of mind.
What is a yoga diet? can it help me loose weight? Does it mean I have to be a vegitarian? Here you will find the answer to these questions and much more.

Health Articles to help you on your journey of wellness.
Our Health Articles are written by many different people, all of whom want to share there knowledge with you.

Self Hypnosis Instruction
Here you will find an introduction to self hypnosis instruction. In the comming months this section will contain not only information but links to resourses you may find very helpfull.

Stress and Health do not mix well.
Stress and health is an ever increasing concern, one we need to learn more about to help protect our health and improve are lives..

Core Fitness Training
Core Fitness training is very important for your overall yoga training as well as for optimum health. You need to have a clear understanding about your core and how to train it to have a high level of success in any sport.


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